MOBILIZING HOSPITALITY: The ethics of social relations in a mobile world

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26-27 September 2005, Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University

Recent developments in transportation, infrastructures, information technologies and mobile communications have enabled and transformed various forms of mobility from the corporeal movements of migration, tourism and business travel to virtual mobilities through cyberspace or across distances via e-mail and mobile phones. The social, cultural, political and ethical implications of these new forms of mobility have been the focus of work across several disciplines, including sociology, science and technology studies, cultural theory, transport studies, tourism and travel studies, geography, and women’s studies.

Some of the themes we hope to explore are:
– hospitality as an ethics for a mobile world
– cosmopolitan hospitality
– multiculturalism and postcolonial hospitality
– hospitality in cyberspace/hosting and information technologies
– hospitality, hostility and the inhospitable
– spaces and landscapes of hospitality
– economies of hospitality
– tourism hospitality
– intellectual hospitality within and across disciplines

Organizado por Dr Jennie Germann Molz (Centre for Mobilities Research) y Dr Sarah Gibson (Centre for Mobilities Research). Más información en Globalivity y en el blog de Jennie German Molz.

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